Lectures, Classrooms, and the Curriculum

Trevor Owens, The Interest Driven Curriculum and Online Affinity Communities

Jonathan Dresner, Towards a Unified Theory of Grading

Cathy Davidson, How to Crowdsource Grading

Derek Bruff, Clickers, Lecture Capture, and Event Programming

Roger Travis, Pedagogical Practomime

Jeff McClurken, Digital History and Undergraduate Digital Literacy

Tad Suiter, Re-inventing the Lecture (video)

Jeff McClurken et al, notes from THATCamp 2010 session on Digital Humanities curriculum/teaching

Ethical Hacking in the Humanities (THATCamp 2010 session notes and syllabus)

Lee Sheldon’s multiplayer class (nomination by Trevor Owens)

Kim Smith video of Monica Rankin class, “The Twitter Experiment” (video) (more: coverage in RWW) (nominated by Dave Parry)

Dan Brown, An Open Letter to Educators (video; nominated by Dave Parry)

Mills Kelly, You Were Warned, plus more (writing, videos) on Mills Kelly’s class on The Last Pirate

Mills Kelly, I Know…Let’s Blame the Students (nominated by Dan Cohen)

Tanya Clement, Digital Literacy for the Dumbest Generation – A Working Bibliography of Undergraduate Programs Inflected by the Digital Humanities in 2010

David Parry, On What it Would Mean to Really Teach “Naked”

Boone Gorges, On the communal v. the individual student voice

Mikhail Gershovich, Blackboard, This Song is Not About You: More on CUNY WordCampEd

Claire Fontaine, Irresistible Prompts: Engineering Participation (nominated by Luke Waltzer)

Jim Groom, Looking for Whitman: A Grand, Aggregated Experiment (nominated by Matt Gold)

Jana Remy, Creating an Online Portfolio, Part 2

Cathy Davidson, Assessment Versus Innovation

Rey Junco, Using Twitter to Support Engagement in the College Classroom (video)

Jeff McClurken, Student Contracts for Digital Projects

Jeff Jarvis, This is Bullshit

Christopher P. Long, Engaged Learning with Technology

Christopher P. Long, Digital Dialogue

Dean Terry, Location Literacy, Research, and Foursquare (nominated by Matt Gold)

Cathy Davidson, No Grading, More Learning

Lee E. Skallerup, Reading “Great Books”: Ultimate Pattern Recognition

Kim Acquaviva, No PowerPoint? Whatever Loys Your Krathong

Joanna C. Dunlap & Patrick R. Lowenthal, Instructional Uses of Twitter [PDF]

Patrick R. Lowenthal & David Thomas, Death to the dropbox: Rethinking Student Privacy and Public Performance [PDF]

Patrick R. Lowenthal, Computer-mediated Discourse as a New Literacy

Jentery Sayers, Integrating Digital Audio Composition into Humanities Courses

Mark Sample, What’s Wrong With Writing Essays

Leigh Blackall, Building you a prison

Leigh Blackall, Teaching is Dead, Long Live Learning (presentation)

Leigh Blackall, The Disconnect Between Learning And Education (presentation)

David Doria, Teach the “Why” not the “How”

Mechelle M. De Craene, Cybernetic Developmental Theory, Why call it Digital Literacy…?, ICT and Magical Thinking, Digital Storytelling, Teaching Sammy to Smile

Paul Baepler, Ninety percent of good teaching is fifty percent assessment

Monica Bulger, Managing Distraction: Reading in the Age of the App (nominated by Christine Madsen)

Monica Bulger, Banning laptops doesn’t solve the distraction problem (nominated by Christine Madsen)

Cole Camplese, Worksheet Nation, Opportunities for Digital Expression

Rey Junco, Why Educators Must Become Hackers

Denise Horn, Stop Thinking You’re the Smartest Person in the Room

Meg Palladino, Compromise

Rob MacDougall, The Action Figure Trilogy http://bit.ly/c5SgeU, http://bit.ly/ba4DO2, http://bit.ly/dh8Xem

Holly Willis and Virginia Kuhn, digital pedagogy video (video)

Jay Johnson, This Is Not A Game: ARGs as a Composition Course Structure

Craig Dietrich, Critical and Creative Parameters for Digital Media Learning

Joan Shaffer, The Computer-Mediated Classroom

Derek Bruff, Revolution or Evolution? Changing Instructional Practices in the Academy

Erik Marshall, Teaching naked

Kelly Schrum, A Tale of Two Goldfish Bowls . . . Or What’s Right with Digital Storytelling

Adrianne Wadewitz, Anne Ellen Geller, and Jon Beasley-Murray, Wiki-hacking: Opening up the academy with Wikipedia

Gideon Burton, Dear Students: Don’t Let College Unplug Your Future

Aaron Perrell, Grade Hacking: Better feed back. Half the time.

Tim Carmody, I got my BA in IS from the CC

Bill Wolff, Toward the Convergence of Wireless Tech & Learning Space Design: A History & a Proposal (pdf)

David Bill, Hacking Secondary Education

Leslie Madsen-Brooks, Accessible Course Hacks: A Brief Primer