Giovanni Tiso, Marked for Deselection

Peter Brantley, Reality Dreams (for Libraries) (nomination)

Jana Remy, Organized Reading (for graduate school and beyond)

Dorothea Salo, Respect, Not the Future, The Information Concierge, Libraries and the Commons

Dan Chudnov, Because this is the business we’ve chosen (nomination)

Josh Greenberg, Books, iTunes, and Rental (nomination)

Jon Udell, Guild Navigators for Infospace (nominated by Trevor Owens)

Brewster Kahle, Building a Digital Library Together (nominated by Trevor Owens)

Mita Williams, Freebasing the University

Jenica Rogers, Attempting Elegance (nominated by Bethany Nowviskie & Dorothea Salo)

Wally Grotophorst, OA Begins at Home

Jim Groom, Create your own LibGuides with WordPress

Christine Madsen, In the Wrong Business: A New Theory of Academic Libraries

Joseph R. Kraus, Hacking the Academic Library

Kate Theimer, Horrors! The archives have been hacked! Wait–that’s a good thing

Lynne M. Thomas Dekalb, On Exhibitions and Expertise

Archives Matters, Research in the Old and New World of Archives

Christopher J. Prom, Re-imaging Academic Archives

Andy Ashton, The Entropic Library

Richard Urban, untitled on museums on campus

Cathy Eisenhower, From Cost-Center to Profit-Center: Academic Libraries

Claire Warwick, The Digital Elephant

Michael Roy, The Future of Everything

Sheila Brennan, Dinosaurs and Collections

Mike Furlough, What We Talk About When We Talk About Repositories

Barbara Fister, Read/Write Culture: What Open Means for Learning, Research, and Creativity

Ranti Junus, Users, users access, and library collections

Mark Sample, The Archive or the Trace: Cultural Permanence and the Fugitive Text

Joshua Beatty, Historical Documents in a Digital Library: OCR, Metadata, and Crowdsourcing

Maura A. Smale, This is Not a Library Skills Course

Brett Bonfield, So you want to write about libraries?

Clyde Smith, Understanding Sustaining vs. Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education and Academic Libraries

Michael Furlough, Sepulchres

Sharon Leon, 21st Century Public History

Tim Trevathan, Descriptive access tools and mechanisms for archival and manuscript materials in the online environment