More Hacking

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Ernesto Priego, Cover Study (image)

Leigh Blackall, Academic capitalism

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Ernesto Priego, Cover Study (image)

Ernesto Priego, Cover Study (image)

Ernesto Priego, Cover Study (image)

Tanya Roth, Hacking the Dissertation Process

Ernesto Priego, Cover Study (image)

Millicent, Paradise Lost in Word Clouds: What Wordle Says About Milton

Methodology (nominated by Vika Zafrin)

Ernesto Priego, Cover Study (image)

Mary Churchill, Recruiting International Students: Moving Beyond Revenue

Mary Churchill, Are We Playing the Game or Have We Become the Game?

The University of Venus, Mission: The University of Venus

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Mary Churchill, The (Bitter) Sweet Spot Between Values and Money

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