Next Steps

Thanks so much again to everyone who contributed to Hacking the Academy. In the seven days between May 21, 2010 and May 28, 2010 we received more than 300 submissions from nearly 200 authors, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has already made this project such a success. Each and every one of your submissions is linked from the chapter headings listed in the original call, which will remain as they were when the deadline for submissions closed on Friday at midnight.

We are now moving to organize the print volume. We have decided to reorganize our initial chapter headings into two dozen or more “clusters” or “conversations” that seem to have precipitated naturally from the body of submitted work. Topics for these clusters may include such things as grading, the dissertation, library collections, peer review, and other concrete structures of the academy. Clusters will include both the work you submitted and the most salient comments, tweets, and other third party contributions related to your work.

Not every submission we received last week can be included in the print publication, but we would like to include the community that made this project possible in the editing process. In choosing articles for print clusters we will be taking into account not only the quality of the work and how directly it has responded to the call, but also the level of social media engagement it has generated, including site comments, off-site responses, and re-tweets. In addition, we will be asking for your advice as we roll out the new clusters on this site over the next few weeks. Comments on clusters will be open for one week after their initial posting for suggested additions, subtractions, and re-orderings. We will let the community know via Twitter as soon as each new cluster is posted and when comments are about to close.

Thanks once again for your words, sounds, visions, and energy, and stay tuned for more #hackacad.